Since politics is hotter than summer

Here are some helpful reminders for healthy political discussions:

Do not be naive.

Throughout history people have accepted the fact that there is a good reason for the separation of the church and the state. Governmentally, yes. But that is not to say that we will separate God from the state. God rules over both the church and the state. And the church remains to be the designated prophetic voice for the government, as Nathan was to David. So beloved, our roles go beyond the pew. Given a unique framework and worldview, Christians are called to speak and seek out the truth over matters that concern the nation, especially matters that concern the moral fabric of the nation. But a prophetic voice is not limited to these, because we are also the designated intercessors for the government (1 Tim. 2:1-3). A nation’s depleted morality is proportional to its prayer scarcity. For the christian man, information and intercession should always go hand in hand.

Do not be conclusive.

We have been afforded many platforms to speak our minds over pressing issues that concern the nation. Together with these, there seems to abound too an intentional proliferation of lies. When the people of a nation begin manufacturing lies, this is an evidence of a nation in spiritual desolation, under the judgment of God (Hosea 11:12, Romans 1). In part and parcel, we pray that none of us are involved in any of its distribution. We only have to be conclusive, when we get our adequate facts right.

Do not be digressive.

Intelligent discussions focus on an issue and do not wander away from a topic to pick from a shelf all sorts of things to toss around. Why do we tend to digress? At the root of it, is either of the two things: a convenience is being taken from us or an inconvenience is threatening us. When a convenience is taken or is threatened, we tend to speak too much.

We murmur when we suffer. But always think that there are different kinds of suffering. The New Testament church suffered heavily under the Roman magistrates, but theirs was a suffering for the gospel. Think about what we frown upon: these are actually just our preferences and conveniences. Does this count to eternity? No. So stop comparing that kind of suffering to that of the early church, unless you’re suffering for the Kingdom.

Do not be combative.

Even in informal usage, three exclamation marks are sometimes excessive. But to have 10 of those to make a point? That’s one angry keyboard. In this case, that’s one angry Christian behind the keyboard. Here’s a reality check: Remember Peter putting on a combative stance by pulling out his flint knife, cutting off the ear of the man who dared touch Jesus? You see, we become combative when someone dare touch our “lord”. If any, our political biases are a revelation— a revelation of true and false lordship in our lives. A combative stance is never winsome. Always remember, when our political biases hamper our witness we will be answerable to God.

To end, I implore you to understand God’s divine providence. Nothing calms a soul more than the knowledge that God is in charge.

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