In This Side of Glory

In this side of glory,
Oh, Holy One, I am wholly Yours.
In the secrets, find me true,
I stand a pilgrim headed for You.
Prone to wander,
remedied by endless wonder.

Bruise me with thorns,
if the world I begin to long.
Let the furnace do its work,
on conflicts that I am yoked.
In the permanence of the Divine,
my journey is bind.

The heavenly beauty of your majesty,
prompts me to bow my knees.
Jesus, my noblest pleasure
my ultimate treasure.
Most gracious, most glorious
Most holy, most worthy
I am wholly yours, I will worship you.

I will not wait for tomorrow,
to do what I should have done yesterday.
I will worship you all day.
I stretch my hands,
raise worship that knows no end.

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