When small voices worship

Psalm 145:4 English Standard Version

One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.

Tonight at church we had another good round of fellowship. It’s a family Christmas party and kids were all over the place. They were running around, climbing, giggling, yelling, pushing, laughing, playing, ipad-ing and doing all sorts of thing that any adult could find rather annoying. You would see kids running after each other and parents running after their kids.

Usually in situations like this, we as adults would go for our default move which  is to get them together and get them off to a corner where they can busy themselves with toys or movies or whatever just so the ‘adult’ conversation doesn’t get interrupted. Sounds good? NOPE. Not a culture in our local church. I am glad that in Victory, children are not a side issue. Kids Ministry is not a sideline ministry nor is it some rookie’s spring board. Not in our church, never in our church. In fact, being in this church means you will have to come into terms with the fact that everything we do as a ministry is consciously built for the next generation.

Every week the past 12 years, dedicated volunteer teachers would give their best shot at teaching young kids everything that they could know about God as much as their young heart can contain. In fact our Kids Ministry is a church of its own. From day one our teachers know they are not baby sitters and our Kids Ministry is not a day care center. It’s a place where every cut outs, power points, spiels, videos, games are prayerfully and strategically thought of. At the end of the day we want every kid to say, I love Kids Church, I love Jesus!

I want to share a video I took awhile ago at church. And while you watch it, I invite you to watch and listen intently. Instead of just some entertaining video, I invite you to see a vision—a vision for the next generation!

If you are parent, I personally would want to tell you that we want to partner with you in seeing your kids become worshipers even at a young age. It took us a while to teach young kids what worship is and now worship just flows out of them.

To our dedicated Kids Ministry volunteers both past and present, your toils are never in vain! You are our HEROES.

I live for the next generation.

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