My current list of fave preachers

1. Tim Keller – An unassuming Gospel preacher that speaks right to the heart.
2. Ravi Zacharias – Intelligently weaves social issues with the Gospel as the answer. Your answer to Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking.
3. Matt Chandler – Should you want truth to turn up, tune in to the guy.
4. Andrew Wommack – He makes you understand grace and why you shouldn’t miss it.
5. Jentezen Franklin – He passionately makes young students understand Biblical doctrines and stories with his powerful sermons and amazing illustrations.
6. Mark Driscoll – He’s controversial for speaking the truth. It only shows how truth’s been hushed up nowadays.
7. James Richards – He pushes his audience to understand the word ‘more’.
8. RC Sproul – Dr. Sproul makes me think a lot. He is thorough and candid in his teachings.
9. Joey Bonifacio – The wisdom of a dad plus a dosage of the Victory DNA in every sermon.
10. Joe Bonifacio – I just want to know what his dad fed him when he was a kid.
Google them up & listen to them.

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