Same page team

As a consequence for being inattentive, a high school teacher once   called my attention and asked me to stand and continue reading from where she ended. It was one of those boring reading classes and obviously I got lost along the way. And having me stand and scramble for the exact paragraph where she stopped was just a subtle way of announcing to the class that I wasn’t paying attention. I’m not silly enough to be pretentious and therefore read from a different line or page. The simplest way to deal with it is simply to admit you were adrift.

I have the textbook in my hand but I wasn’t on the same page with everybody else. What they’re reading is foreign to the page I was on-that amidst having the same book in our hands. The teacher may point to the third word at paragraph six and they may all laugh at the word and I could go the opposite–all because I’m on a different page.

I’m impressed with a team that operates on the same page. What we mean by that is we share the same values and ‘DNA’ as a group.  When that happens, there is stronger harmony in emotions and knowledge. Body language sometimes already becomes a suffice communication. You say one word and everybody gets it. The challenge is to get people on that page and keep them there. That may be challenging but it is rewarding. On the other hand there’s a great deal of harm when we sit with the same team week in and week out  but operate on different pages that is, we have opposing or rather different ‘DNA’. The probability for mistakes and errors is great thus it cost us time, energy, resources, not to mention stress.


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