Family Discussion

We just had our first Leaders Meeting for 2014. Met with with some of our ministry volunteers and leaders. We simply gave updates about where we are at as a church. The past months were like a whirlwind, things happened so fast and we figured out it would be best to get everyone on the same page and make sure everyone’s on the right track. We finally cascaded the system my we worked so hard on the past weeks. I also introduced the new guys on working on new roles in the church. I sensed a deep love for this spiritual family my wife and I share our lives with. I reiterated that awhile ago’s meeting was more like a “family discussion” than a leaders meeting. It is such a great privilege to serve the Lord alongside fiery and passionate, and loving and dedicated men and women such as this home church of mine.

Praying together as a church
Kids Coordinator Hya Tuquib fighting for the Kids Ministry.
Tom Villegas updating the leaders regarding our campus ministry
John Hupa showing the current growth trend of the ministry
Discussing current trends in the ministry

Prayer & Fasting 2013

Our annual 5-Day Prayer & Fasting at our local church here in Dumaguete culminated last Friday. Through the 5 days of soaking in prayers, we have seen how God moved in the lives of the people in the church. There were stories of broken relationships being restored, a lady desperate of money being provided abundantly at the very hour she needed the money. There is a story of a young man being given a platform to preach the gospel in ways like never before. A young student testifies of losing the appetite to lust. Another story is that of a mother being miraculously healed of cancer. One hour of just listening to stories was not enough. Indeed, God is at work in the lives of His people. Miracles happen to those who believe!

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