Brain Dumping

We have always been asked and taught to internalize things. Internalizing feeds the natural inclination of the human mind for individualism. Thus, the prospect of doing it is always satisfying.

In a world where much is going on, we have seen an increased demand to internalize and reflect on things.

There is a problem though. Because much is going on and much internalizing is happening, the tendency of being overwhelmed becomes an unavoidable occurence. Internalizing then won’t be much of a help when it should be of help.

The solution? Brain dumping. Leaders understand that externalizing is just as important as internalizing. There’s got to be a place to dump the brain out—-paper, board, or tablets. Only when you dump it out before you will you see which to pick & keep and which ones to toss away. There’s always something treasure-like in a pile of mud.

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