Ode to 10th

I pulled a chair and quieted my soul. Alas, I came right to my musings in an ordained timing.

No soon was I like a broken dam that can’t hold off its water. I could not keep my tears, thinking of the past 10 years.

Indeed I am sentimental. This matter, I understand is not trivial. For I reflect upon the union of our soul, that day on the altar when I felt like I’ve got it all.

The glory and grace of Christ abound in these years we are bound. As a matter of fact, that’s what’s keeping us around.

The vows we uttered at the altar seem like kept in a pristine jar. To break it is to nullify it, let God keep us from doing it.

As the tide of the seas retreat and reveal its mysteries, our marriage has seen all that there is. Yet the mystery and glory of marriage is our joy kept from pillage.

I stare at your beauty, I bless God for His mercy. What have I done to deserve the share of a titan.

As we venture the high seas of His calling, we know we are a little braver when we are together.

Ours is a knot that can’t be untangled. For in the secret, we have been bridled. Me to you and you to me. That is why we endear each other “Mine”. To us we know this is divine.

What will the next 10 bring? Or perhaps the next 20? Surely, I have no knowledge of. All I know is we live our lives surrendered off.

To the wife of my youth, my darling, my beautiful bride, my precious wife:

I genuinely love you with all of my life.

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