Courage by Vantage

At 9’6”, Goliath’s comparable to the height of a basketball rim in the NBA.

The death of this warrior is a celebrated story in the world. He was killed in battle by a young man and there’s always been a revelry about the fashion at which the man of Gath was killed. I’d like to encircle the event that lead to the triumph—-the audacity to walk into the battle line to face a formidable foe despite the odds.

With neck stretched out, young David yelled at this bully and he summoned all the courage he had in his fickle frame. Amazingly, the yelling match between the two ended in a dramatic fashion with David cutting off the champion’s head after putting him down with a stone on the forehead. It ended with the Israelites winning that specific battle in a valley both camps will never forget.

Got me thinking, with such level of odds stacked against you, where does one get such courage? Goliath was a towering reality. It’s no different with our circumstances, problems, and fear.

My analysis is this: When everyone looks at the towering man at 9’6”, they realize their less than 6’0” frame can’t stand a chance. They become like dogs tucking their tails behind their legs. But when David looks at this giant, he foolishly scorns at him and mocks his arrogance.

Why the confidence? Why the courage?

Because the shepherd boy, for countless times have had his eyes fixated on the heavens.

Scattered in Psalms are the words of David saying things like:

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

He looks to the heavens and starts thinking, “I will look upon the goodness of the lord in the land of the living.”

He looks at the heavens and starts saying, “who am I that you are mindful of me?”

He looks to the heavens and starts declaring, “Whom shall I fear?”

It’s like saying, if my God is beyond cosmic in size, power, and strength, and then he sets his eyes upon me, what then is there to be afraid of?

Courage has something to do with vantage. A 9’6” trouble maker is laughable compared the infinite frame of our Maker. The expanse of the heavens is also the depth of his wisdom and power made available to those who put his hope in him.

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