Not All is Lost When all Seems Lost

Losing is integrated in life just as success is. If there might be anyone who’d ra ra ra & switch you to believing all of life is about winning, either that person is a liar or is living in denial, because even the epistles of Paul are all about prison, poverty, and perseverance.

To confront the reality of losing as what this read is does not mean we’re devoid of faith. Because after all, faith by description, is a current exercise looking into a future state. So the exercise of faith thrives in gloomy situations.

If you evaluate it properly, you’d realize it’s a little more difficult to proceed with the next episode of your life if all of your being is thrown into something that has suddenly dissipated.

Like the shore water that reveals the variety of corals when it retreats during low tide, losing surfaces that which we truly hide.

Where Christ is not just an additive or a supplement to augment, there is an unrivaled joy that no matter the losses, there are reasons to hope.

If Christ is the true treasure we keep then not all is lost when all seems lost.

“To live is Christ and to die is gain.” – Paul

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