Morning of the 18th

By Rianne Lim

Archie and I had a fantastic anniversary celebration last week. Just as the sun broke through the thick morning fog, I woke up to a pleasant surprise. Here’s a photo rundown of our early morning anniversary celebration courtesy of Archie’s classic sweet antics.

Our own “Counting-the-days Anniversary Cake”! The characters are from a sticker I have on my planner to mark our 5th wedding anniversary. Clever, huh?
Bannering 5 years of sweet memories and cherishing every trickle of love and togetherness. Can I say “resourceful”?
Archie loves Rianne
I haven’t taken a Coke since HS and Archie’s running 7 years sober from the cola. But look what cheesiness could bring!!!
And last, but definitely my favorite of them all (can you even handle this? haha.) :
Archie’s lethal weapon 1! Pardon the misspelled words. Hey BUBBLY! I remember I was all WIGGLES when I hit BINGO 5 years ago! Til now I am still in CLOUD-9! Life with you taught me that it really takes two to TANGO. Thank you for loving me whether I’m CHUBBY or SUPER THIN. Here’s all that I am, TAKE-IT and let’s MAX out the years ahead as we have each other as our TREASURES.
And his lethal weapon 2! When Cebu Pac brings out Piso fare to MARS, let’s pack our stuff and witness the SPLENDOR of God together. Mine, you are my BOUNTY, my gift from God. I love you to the BITS. On this day all I want is a KISS!
Archie, it seems to me that the most powerful stimulus to your creative juices is… well, me! I am definitely one blessed woman.
Of course we are not packing our stuff to Mars since we don’t see that anywhere in the Bible. But I’ll be ready to go wherever God would direct us to go anytime, even if the truth is, it takes more swallowing and deep breathing on my part before I would finally get into the boat with you. Thank you for showing me what faith with actions truly means. I value it to the very core of my being because the Bible says, “For without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.” So, I thank you for showing me what faith really looks like.
Five years ago, I may have the vaguest idea of what we were really saying “I Do” to. Time showed me that. And I am so glad it was with you that I exchanged my “I Do” with, knowing now how those words are never meant to be taken lightly. It is in the five years of being together that we experienced some rich interventions that we would have never experienced anywhere else, and I am grateful we didn’t miss out on those moments. Mighty glad we are not in charge of how miracles happen.
Archie, there’s no one else in the world that holds my heart like you do. I just love you too much!


2 thoughts on “Morning of the 18th

  1. Ohhh Pastor and Rianned what blessed celebration of your 5th wedding anniversary naka pag refresh den ng aming past , and the cake so very creative is the design Iba ta laag ang wisdom n Pastor were so happy for both of you and rest assured of our unfailing prayers for you ………

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