And it was so


The book of Genesis starts by narrating how dark, formless and void the world was. (1:2) But the chapter ends in total contrast as it states that everything was very good! (1:31)

Darkness, formlesness and voidness are not good. When God did something about it, everything became very good.

Genesis records that darkness, formlesness, and voidness were dealt with a series of “And God said” (1:3,6,9,11,14,20,24) and culminated with: “And it was so.” (1:30)

God said it and it was so!

What does this tell us?
It tells us that God can create something out of nothing and no broken thing placed in God’s hands is beyond compensation.

If your current situation is dark, formless, and void, you will break through from that not because you are clever or wise nor because of a friend or your parents, but because God said so. Our confidence lies in the fact that God follows through his words.

Start the year by reflecting on the fact that the hands that fashioned us in our mother’s wombs can accomplish mighty things for us. Those are the same hands that bear our names and the same hands which were pierced to solidify every promise spoken to us.

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