Leaders at Crunch Time

“Big J” Robert Jaworski is seen here encouraging the young guns of his former team at crunch time.

Crunch time makes a whole lot of difference and leaders take the lead in mustering all the wisdom, strength, and will to win the game.

As a young gun myself, I often find myself in confusing, nerve wracking, & back breaking situations that I thought are supposedly reserved for the grey haired dudes. I have to be honest that at times “games” like this become mentally overwhelming. Suddenly, it’s the real world. I’m not complaining about the responsibilities I got on my shoulder. In fact, I like it. I like the thrill, the stress, and the stretching. I have to say I’m a little gutsy myself. Seems like having pulled off a wedding with not a single cent in the bank taught me a great deal of lesson about courage. I got into a lot of edgy You want to know what makes me so upset, Nancy? I paid a huge sum of money for the orders only to receive NO word from you after. No acknoweledgement and no updates! Even my request for a photo before shipping them out has fallen to deaf ears. Whether you say yes or just tell me it will be hard for you to do that, none at all! The fact that i cannot just easily reach you anytime and settle some issues if they would arise made me worried all the more since this is my first time transacting with you. An assurance that you will be assisting all the way until i get my package would have meant a lot, but I dont think I can expect that from you.

Another thing, you want me to send you a photo or post as a review a screenshot of your message to me saying “I will ship them on Monday first thing in the morning”? And when I followed up, you never got back to me. So dismayed Nancy. Very dismayed. cliffs at a young age so those stuff must’ve helped.

But then again, there are situations that are undeniably excruciating and unbearable. This is when my Big Js come in. Of course these are not the only times they do, but these are the times their every word are precious gold. These are times that their presence is like a pocket of air for someone who’s buried alive. My leaders provide stability. They spark a surge of confidence.
At these crunch times, in the dug outs of our own rooms in our pyjamas, we make life line calls, chats, and texts messages. My wife and I rely heavily on each other. We also rely heavily onthose who went ahead of us—our leaders. Sometimes a chit chat seems like it, but short conversations drill somethng deep in our hearts. And we get a boost. Our faith streghthened. We are reminded of the cross, we are reminded of the victory.

We tip our hats off and thank our leaders and pastors, disciplers, and elders. You all Big Js get us pumped.

How about you? Do you have Big Js who got your back?

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