Convictions make you throw up


In the recent Grammy’s, Natalie Grant “went home ahead” of everybody else. She was jeered for that because critics said she did so after Katy Perry’s satanic performance.

Assuming that was really her reason, I think Grant simply “vomited” that which her system cannot take.

If you get poison in your system, you throw up in a matter of minutes. What do I know about vomiting or throwing up? First is that it is one of our system’s response when something’s “wrong”. Secondly, it is involuntary, almost automatic. I haven’t met anyone who find pleasure doing it.

If Perry and everybody else’s system of convictions are in no level near Grant’s, then they’re accustomed to what they’re accustomed with. For Grant, it simply violates her conviction. And because she can’t take it, she “throws up” and no one can shovel it in her mouth.

Our convictions toward many things are very important. It makes or breaks us. It is something that shouldn’t be on the peripheral because with them we can navigate through different circumstances.

While everyone would chuckle and giggle over an overly green joke, you remain silent. Conviction makes you do that.

While everybody else would be fine with a casual sex date, you are adamant about the idea. Conviction makes you do that.

While friends are fine with pornography, you repent at the slightest idea.

Conviction makes you do that. (Sorry I’m a bit tired to show more examples)

Our strong convictions do not gather the applause of the world. It doesn’t make us popular, doesn’t make us mainstream. It doesn’t make us “feel” right; it makes us feel alone at times.

But at the end of the day, if you look closely, all these things don’t carry any weight.

At the end of everything, what matters is that God is honored and in this world, we have represented Him in the most honorable way. By God’s grace, our convictions, hinged on our understanding of what Christ did for us, will carry us through.

So go ahead and keep throwing up.

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