Dreams in Sachets


This one’s quite long, but hopefully it would be a helpful read.

Little, small, and tiny dreams produce little, small, and tiny results.

I was recently contemplating about how dreams could somehow set the projectile of our life. As a great grand son of a Chinese immigrant, and with a Filipino blood thicker than anyone else, I can’t help but notice the difference. Filipinos and Chinese are equally hardworking. But sometimes we resent our Chinese friends because they have grown so wealthy in our homeland. We feel like they’ve benefited from the soil we have cultivated. No. I really think the problem lies not in how we have cultivated our soil, but in how we have cultivated our dreams. My grandfather used to own a small boat and a large warehouse in a remote island. But before that, he was a fisherman. We love thinking “luck”makes it big for people when it’s actually their attitude and dreams that make the difference.

When I was young, my brother and I learned to make the most out of our “Tambis” tree. On summer, we would climb the tree and gather its fruits. We would sell them at the neighborhood. It started a partnership that ranged from selling iced water to iced candies, aquarium fish, and comics. My brother went on to carry his entrepreneurial skills. All of us can do that. But where does the difference lies? Why do others make it big while others don’t? It’s in the way their dreams drive their attitude. For some, selling stuff is a job and it stops there. Profit comes next. While for the others, it’s a job and a stepping stone altogether.
Take for instance those who peddle in the market. The majority would bring their goods to the market and are focused on selling them all. When everything’s sold, they go home happy and another day has passed. The others would do the same. Just that, while selling their goods, they open their peripherals, make their ears keen and are always on the look out for bigger opportunities. Why? Because their dreams tell them there’s something bigger out there and they would keep digging for it.

As a Biology graduate I’ve come to understand that we are a very rich nation. But the sad reality is we do not really benefit from it as how we are supposed to. I can not say that we have been ransacked by the Spanish, Americans, Japanese, and Chinese. It could be that our own minds have plundered us. Our “sachet” mentality have taken hold of us and have paralyzed us for decades, if not centuries. We have the skills and the intelligence, but we sometimes lack the attitude to dream big. We put our hope in a Last 2 gamble and we feel like kings and queens once we hit the jackpot. We burn time in tong-its and even use wakes as an excuse for another session. All of these while the others harp for another opportunity tomorrow. We are a nation of movers and shakers! We export brilliance to the world. That should tell us that there’s more to sachets, we can dream beyond SSS.

All of these realizations of mine has been reinforced when I became a Christian. Of course a lot of my perspectives and motivations have changed. Or has been placed on the right frame work.

As a Christian, I have no excuse not to live a blessed life. Caleb saw an opportunity when others saw giants. His friends were the ones who labeled themselves grasshoppers. Abraham looked up and saw the stars as his descendants and he didn’t bother to count, he had the faith to believe it. Jesus died on the cross and galvanized the promise of blessings and favor on us as God’s children. My attitude towards life reflects my belief system. My dreams are measures of my faith. Sometimes we downsize our faith to fit our situation instead of up-sizing our faith to break through the situation. We are facing a challenge in our church as our building has been damaged by the recent earthquake and we need to move to a new one. Faith solidifies our dreams while fear liquefies our faith. Faith makes the dream more palpable. My wife and I, together with our leaders are in faith in the face of fear. Sometimes I feel like our minds are too young for things like these, but how else do we mature aside from circumstances like these. If I bring with me a sachet mentality, we might survive but would never thrive.

Hindi pwedeng kapiranggot lang ang pangarap. That doesn’t activate faith! It makes us “droolers” instead of doers. No wonder we become envious crabs.

We recently rejoiced when two of our church members recently purchased their own cars. They have a faith story to tell.

There’s going to be a faith breakout! When that time comes, you can’t be caught napping. Because if everyone is on a diaspora, even your little niche might be taken from you simply because you’ve refused to dream big and act big. Little does not apply to you. You’re a winner, therefore act like a champ, dream like a champ, think like a champ, believe like a champ, and receive like a champ!

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