One of the best practices that we have learned from our leaders when facing different situations is to always ask this question:

What does the Bible say about your situation?

Whether it’s a cross road, a difficult financial situation, a dire need for healing, a need for a conflict resolution, and so on, the Bible will always have its perspective on any matter or issue.

A lot of times our default is to always resort to our own opinions or other people’s counsel, and the Word of God becomes a back drop for a fall back.

We would eventually figure out that life actually is a lot easier if we look to the Bible for answers, counsel and guidance and not just a remedy when we have already created a pool of mess.

God has his perspective on your situation. It’s in his word. So before anything or anyone else, listen to his firstpective.

Proverbs 30:5
Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.

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