About Face

ImageWhen I was young, I have always loved seeing soldiers marching around and making snappy moves. On my first year in college, I took military training seriously and was even merited for looking excellent on my type A uniform.

In our R.O.T.C., absolute obedience is necessary. When our commandant would yell “About Face!” we would do it with utmost obedience.

That’s a lesson I carried with me in the years that followed. When I became a Christian, I knew that it was an about face and there is no turning back.

Our life as a Christian is marked with repentance. And repentance is an about face. It’s like us saying, “I’m done with this and from now on, I’m facing the opposite direction and I’m headed that way, no if’s and but’s just a total about face.” And the next time we look at our peripheral and we are tempted to look the other way, we just remind ourselves that we have gone far from our about face and there is no point in turning back. The Bible says we are to produce fruit in keeping with repentance. The fruits tell us that we have made the right decision.

You see, sin is unforgiving. Bible says it easily entangles. Sometimes I find it foolish that we would treat sin with courtesy. To my knowledge sin is no respecter of man. We ought to ‘about face’ from sin with urgency and snappiness!

The clincher here is that we do not about face simply because God is like a commandant yelling at us to do so. No. We turn from it because God’s love motivates us to do so. So the next time you hear God says ‘about face’ with urgency, it’s because he knows better. And it is out of love that he does that and it is out of trust in his love that we heed the command.

Acts 17:30
The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent

What are the things that you need to turn from?

About Face.

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