Learning from Airport Prohibitions


I saw this bin filled with confiscated items at the boarding area at the airport this morning. It had all sorts of prohibited items in it—from umbrellas to powdered juice and even spray deodorants. I thought confiscating more might lessen the passenger terminal fee should the airport authorities decide to hold auctions.

The airport policy is simple: Any thing that has the potential to bring down an airplane should be in that bin. I mused on it the next several minutes and I had a pretty good contemplation until the sight of donuts distracted me. But here are my thoughts on this:

Ignorance is costly

Frequent flyers aren’t spared from this. You will always have your moment with those X-ray personnel. Those guys seldom smile for a good reason. The prohibited list is just getting longer and longer simply because people are finding more and more ways to blow up a plane. So, we will all have our fits with those dudes at the airport. I had a friend who bought a Malaysian Kaya Spread for my wife and me. At the KL airport, they were asked to leave it behind. Counting the cost they instead downed bottles of those Kaya instead of leaving it behind. I should say the authorities together with all the onlookers had been Filipinoed.

Ignorance will cause heartaches. We pay for ignorance and it is costly. Consciously or unconsciously we will break some laws. The bad news is, scratching your head and telling everyone you didn’t know will never justify your actions.

Harmless Nail Clipper

My nail clipper can’t make it in the plane? Yes. So does your 150ml alcohol. Any stuff no matter how small, which has the capacity to bring down a plane, is prohibited. How do you bring down a plane with a nail clipper? Use your imagination, watch HBO or email Steven Seagal.

It’s amazing how one seemingly harmless sin can bring down an airplane. As a Christian, it would be helpful for us to check our spiritual bolts and screws. Consider your elevation. We might appear too safe and sound, but if we do not leave behind or cut off the sin that so easily entangles, we will go down.  Or in aviation term, crash and crash hard. What is your nail clipper? It can be an increasingly awkward online chat, a porn site, a 2×2 photo, an under-the-table P1,000 bill, a peck on the cheek, under time at work, a wink, a yes, a no, or words like, “I’m busy.”, “I’m okay.”, or “Next time.” Whatever it is, throw it away

Prohibited to Enter

Let’s keep this simple. Because of Jesus, you as a being are not prohibited to enter. You can come in and enjoy God’s presence like enjoying the perks of flying business class. But there are prohibitions. In the airport you will have to leave things behind even the expensive ones simply because they are prohibited. If we are to enjoy our relationship with God, we will have to leave behind our sins because sin is a prohibition. You cannot bring sin to the heights. They need to stay away. Sin interferes with your relationship with God just like how your cell phone signal does to the airplane.

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