Jesus the Same

I don’t have the ear for music. So whenever I scroll through worship songs I am more keen on the lyrics and I put much attention on its theology.

The reason why I love this song aside from the fact that it’s one of the few that I could sing, is it’s lyrics.

It’s entirely gospel!

First lines talk about redemption and hope.
It then begins to describe who God is — that He is Star of the morning and He is of the past, present, and future.
Then it talks about evangelism and discipleship; that we have the fire to reach out to people simply because we have experienced it in the Son.
Then it goes back to describing the nature of God–Him being mighty and eternal.

One nice thing about not being musically inclined is that I don’t get biased and I don’t get disrupted that much with technical glitches. So my criteria for songs is simple:
If a song makes me fall in love with it and not with Jesus, then it’s an easy ditch.

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