The Gospel & Cultural Relevance

Cultural relevance paves a platform for the church to speak to the culture it is trying to reach. Relevance, if understood well does not mean “worldliness” as what some Christians might think it is. You can keep traditions and keep people away or be relevant to the culture and be inviting to people as they stay. Church shouldn’t be a gated community. On the other end, relevance does not also mean just being relevant for the sake of being relevant, attractive, and inviting. Relevance means understanding our culture and serving the culture we are reaching. Tim Keller and the entire Redeemer in NYC has broken this code so well that their being relevant to the NY culture has gained them the New Yorkers ears thus being able to influence and change the culture they’re in. This video is an example of the wide grounds at which Tim Keller is being listened to by the people in his culture as a result of years of trying to make the gospel relevant to their culture.

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