Eyeballing Sin

I’m a fight fan. One of the fundamentals of fighting is to be able to hit and not get hit. We all know that in an octagon of aggression, a terrible mistake could translate to a TKO to the enemy’s favor. That’s why we always hear coaches by the sideline yelling at their fighter to keep their guards up. The likelihood of kissing the canvas unconscious is high every time a fighter throws a punch with his other hand down.

How true can such reality apply in the world of a Christian disciple?
Are we a people who keep our guards up? Or are we someone who is putting it too low? Or maybe some of us have been TKO’d simply because we’ve kept it too low.

Paul tells us in that we ought not to be conformed to this world (Rom 12:2).
Conformity is always locked up with standards. Meaning to say if you conform then you comply with the standards. So the initial question for a Christian is, who and what is your standard? In a world swarming with immorality, don’t you think that as Christians we have to all the more bring our guards up if we are a people who have accepted the standards of God?

If we are beings who were created to worship and the Bible tells us that our worship constitutes presenting our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to Him (Rom 12:1), then don’t you think it talks about a standard hinged on an understanding about who we worship?

If those cases satisfy, then let me present you with some harder questions:
Why do we get insecure with the world?
Why have we ditched modesty and propriety in dressing up?
Why is our culture not different from the world’s?
Why do we want to show more skin, more cleavage, and more stupidity?
Why are we setting ourselves up to eyeball with sin?

I. Culture and the World

If culture represents or mirrors the heart of a certain people group, then are we a people who try to study the culture around us and win it for God, or are we a people who gets sucked in the cultures of the world? Specific: Where has K-pop lead you? Is it leading you to pray for Korea or is leading you into wanting to be more Korean in looks, in attitude, and in culture?
Hey Archie, that’s too low na. Exactly! The guard’s too low! Watch out for the knock out!

But wait, God looks at the heart, right? Tama. So, what is in your heart? ‘Cos God is looking at it nga. Isn’t it true that whatever is in the heart will always manifest and exude out of us?

Why do you feel insecure with the world? Sometimes our insecurity has lead us to curiosity and our curiosity has lead us to impropriety. Keep doubling the frequency of that and you get a hardened heart times two.

Review your identity in Jesus and act it out!

II. Decency and Modesty

Most probably it’s because we are too heavily online. That’s where we get the idea to be more “provocatively stunning“. Let me leak a secret to your benefit. If you are a woman, there is actually nothing wrong with being “marketable“, but do not price yourself too low. If you are market price then you get the market guys. Up to you. If you think you can hook the godly men, nope. Bring it lower and shorter and see who you get. I’m not kidding. It’s a sure thing that men could know if you are a love item or a lust item. Do not think because you’re a church lady you are spared. Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised (Prov 31:30). You do not have to announce, you do not have to pretend, men knows if you are God fearing.

III. Sex and more sex

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled (Heb 13:4). You can have sex and enjoy sex when you’re married.

IV. Too tired to keep it high

Boxers know the guards up rule. But sometimes you would know they’re not in in for a full 12 rounds when somewhere in the middle of the fight they are too tired to put their guards up. What’s at fault? Conditioning.

Same is true with us. Are we conditioned spiritually? Christianity is not a walk in the park. Christianity is blood, sweat, and tears. Meaning to say we need train ourselves to be godly. Godliness has value in all things (1 Tim 4:8). In the long haul it pays off.

Nobody can eyeball with sin long enough and not sin.

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3 thoughts on “Eyeballing Sin

  1. Reblogged this on The Journey Home and commented:
    If the bible talks to us about being transformed in the way that we think, then that should naturally affect the way that we act. Without keeping our guards up we are bound to get hit right in the kisser by an unrelenting enemy and slide back into what was once our old lives. Read on, this is a fantastic wake up to a promising 2013 – Live strong, finish stronger.

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