All in a Week’s Work (er, Break)

Striking a pose for the holidays.

My wife and I took on a 9 hour bus ride going home for the holidays. The free WiFi on board didn’t serve its purpose so our 9 hours were well spent on podcasts, day dreaming, some prayerful contemplations, and of course, SLEEP.

Here’s our holiday round up at home:

While I enjoyed the time catching up with my folks and brothers, Rianne sure enjoyed playing with our niece Denisse. We had our own musings of having our own in the near future when we got home.

Microsoft Kinect with the entire family was  chaotic but fun! I went to ebay to check on this bundle of joy right after playing it. Rianne and I did a versus mode on just about any game, from boxing (I was TKO’d) to running to javelin and hurdles. Seriously crazy!

That’s my brother in law, Doc Rye and his girlfriend, Cathy. My wife and I are always blessed by the faith and humility of these two. Rye was my college best buddy before he became my brother in law (sheepish smile, wink!) We sure enjoyed our time brief time with them.

Palmeras’ Knicker Backer is simply unbeatable. It’s not halo-halo. It’s a Chavacano original that has made its way to SM North Edsa and MOA. That’s an original home recipe ice cream and a glass filled with fruits  (mango, watermelon,..) and vanilla ice cream in between plus condensed milk.

Cake 1: Chocolate Bar

Cake 2: Chocolate Cheese Cake

AND to ease the guilt, steamed potato with Bacos and Parmesan for lunch.

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