Sambang Gabi sa Victory


This coming Saturday our local church will have a dawn worship service called Sambang Gabi sa Victory. I’m excited about it for two reasons: 1. I’ve never been to a sunrise worship service before. 2. I’ll get to work with older people in preparation for it.

I’ve never been swarmed with people twice my age to prepare for an event. That’s what’s making me excited about this. This afternoon I got to meet with the older folks at church. I love how they ask intelligent questions like, “Why is it Sambang Gabi and not Simbang Gabi?” To which I answered that “samba” means to worship whereas “simba” would mean the act of going to church. Thus it’s fitting to to embrace the former. I didn’t know if that made sense but I think it went through.
If you’re in Dumaguete on Saturday, join us in our Sambang Gabi.

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