Stop wishing & start claiming


The guy standing beside me is Genesis. Genesis means beginnings. 

Last week though was quite a contradiction. Genesis’ beginnings were about to halt to an abrupt end. He was rushed to the hospital and quickly placed under intensive care for 4th grade Hemorrhagic Dengue fever (People die at 3rd grade).  It was too much for his young body and so his platelet count sank and he started vomiting blood and worse, started hallucinating.  Take note that hallucinating is part of a man’s dying process. In short, he was about to die. He was already mumbling words and started seeing things.  His doctors prepared the family to expect the worse. According to his mom, they were at the watch for the thin green line to go blank just like in the movies.
Prayers and tears were invested. Church members prayed for Genesis. Everyone prayed for him. After a day of prayers, Genesis’ body responded, and it responded well. His healing became swift. Astonished, his doctors said his case was a miracle.
You see, God is a healer. God is a miracle worker. A miracle happens when there is no more route to take except the route that would pave the way for God, and only God to move. For one, I want us to understand that when we pray corporately and individually, it’s not like we are trying to wake up a sleeping giant. God is very much alive and we are the ones who need to wake up and realize that He is no genie neither is He some cosmic santa out there. Prayer is not rubbing for a wish. So stop wishing and start claiming.
Jehovah Rapha. Our God is a healer. To what extent are we going to hinge our faith in the fact that He is a healer? 
Breast cancer. Back pain. Infertility. Kidney problems. Lung sickness. Fever. Muscle pains. Thyroid problem. Stones. Headache. Skin disease. Eye problem. 
Sickness and illnesses make us bitter. But understand that it was during a taste of a bitter water at Marah that God declared Himself to be the Lord who Heals (Exodus 15:22-26). God pointed Moses to a wood that he would later use to make the bitter water fit to drink. In the same way God points us to a wood in Calvary that took all the bitterness that we may enjoy wholeness. Jesus is our guarantee. The cross is our assurance.
Jeremiah 33:6 “Behold, I will bring you health and cure, and I will cure you, and will reveal unto you the abundance of peace and truth.”

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