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In preparation for the second part of our Blueprint series on manhood, I’m currently reading Wayne Grudem’s book entitled Biblical Foundations of Manhood & Womanhood. My goal is to finish the 300 page book by Friday to prepare myself for the services this Sunday. I’m sneaking in this wordpress world to put on some of my thoughts on the subject.

Time magazine has once formalized in print the coining of the word KIDULTS, referrring to men in their mid to late twenties and early thirties who haven’t cleaved from their parents and are basically still acting like kids. The number of these “men” are growing considerably and it calls for attention for the upcoming generations who will reap whatever these men will sow, if they will ever sow anything at all.

A man’s role in a family setting is to provide, protect and to lead. Any alteration and disruption to this Biblical pattern of roles and responsibilities is an aftermath of the Genesis 3:16 experience or rather curse. This disruption (men not providing, not protecting, not leading) is even evident in a popular Beyonce song called If I were a Boy. Her lyrics says: If I were I boy, I think I will understand. If I were a boy I swear I’d be a better man.

The Word of God is irrefutable. It says that both male and female were created in the image of God and we a equal in diginity and value on that aspect. But it should be noted that it is evident that we are disctinct in our roles. Women are not inferior in position but women are subordinate in role. As a suitable helper, the woman has been called to help fulfill the primary responsibility of the man. Take note that whatever happened to Adam and Eve, Adam was the one summoned because he bears the responsibility and he is accountable for whatever happens to his family. The Bible also says that in Adam (him having sinned) we all die. And Christ redeemed us from it.

See, the fabric of the society is first and foremost the result of the leadership of men. If we as men refuse to plow the ground and take responsibility, I wonder where the kidults are going to bring this world in the next coming years.

One thought on “Better Man

  1. thank you kuya for this.. i posted it on my wall and tagged some of my good guy friends. hopefully they’d get a bigger picture of their manhood and grasp the future roles that they would be asked to fulfill. as for us women, it also reminds us what we should look for in future husbands. keep ’em coming :))

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