Spirituality Anyone?

A repost from a past blog dated Aug 2010. It’s still worth sharing.

It was about a month ago while paying courtesy and presenting our ministry to a friend, when I first had this now lingering thought that bothers me from time to time.

Being out for a couple of months, I asked my friend to give me a pulse of the campus for me to understand and in a way strategize entry points for ministry.
The lengthy conversation had its peak on e awful situation of the new and upcoming students in the univ.

The concern is that the students are no longer spiritual as they ought to be. And the sole goal is to bring back that spirituality among them. So I’m asked to come in to complement on that aspect. I asked him if this is all that we want to see–a certain level of spirituality. Accordingly yes, that’s the goal.

Our conclusion:

No wonder we’ve lost the spirituality because that’s all that’s required of them.

If the whole goal is spirituality the solution would be so simple. It can just require anyone to at least show up-show up in church, sing praises, show up in small groups, show off in prayers and the likes. Students can feel spiritual doing that. It’s actually simple and easy; yet dangerously superficial and shallow (and this is what we reap so this is what we will change).

We can offer them far more than spirituality. We can teach, coach, disciple the students to live out biblical christianity.The two are different because the former requires us to just show up but the latter invites us to live a life of obedience. spirituality is simple and easy, Christianity is simple but not easy. But it is the real deal. By now we have to end the sight of seeing students being in church but seemingly powerless against sin. We have to see a generation who knows what it is to take up their crosses, what it entails to be a Christian, what joy it brings when they make decisions for God, and what glorious rewards and blessings obedience brings.

There’s gonna rise a generation who will hear, read, and obey the Word of God and we are discipling them now.


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