2 year old chain smoker

This kid’s just two years old and he smokes about 40 sticks of cigarette a day. He goes tantrums if he’s not given a stick when he wants to smoke. Worst is his dad thinks it’s really okay and people think he’s pretty cool.
Don’t be dumbed down to think the problem here is ignorance. It’s not. As long as you’re in your senses you know it’s weird when a 2 year old prefers smoke over milk. The problem here is tolerance. How many times do we have to suffer the consequences of tolerating bad stuff early on? Dealing with the next generation involves a lot of disciplining, teaching, rebuking, and correcting. Try not making them acquainted with discipline early in life and you get the fangs and raised eyebrows when they grow older-just the right time for us to regret for not doing our part.

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